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Hay Ride

Open only on selected weekend dates in October

The tractor hayride takes a tour around the property. The Ride is about 15-20 minutes.

Pony Rides and Petting ZOO

Open on selected weekends in October.

The Crazed Corn Field Maze

Fun for all Ages!!

Activities Calendar

Corn Maze - 20 Acres

The large "Crazed Cornfield Maze" is a 20+ acre cornfield maze that will have you twisting and turning in tall corn! Come and test your directional skills. This is a great fun fall outdoor event and is appropriate for all ages. We would love to see you scramble, so, come and see us!

The Mini Maze

The small mini maze is built just for kids! It is a small 3' mini cornfield maze that takes approx. 15-20 minutes to complete.

Jumping Castle & AIR Slide

OPEN on selected weekend dates in October.

Rainbow Play Ground

Enjoy play ground equipment for free with your children complements of
"Rainbow Play Systems of Colorado"
5250 North Broadway
Denver, CO 80216 US

Check our Twitter Page

Click on a link to see if there are any closures posted

Colorado Pumpkin Field

Pick out your very own pumpkin! We have hundreds to choose from in all shapes and sizes! We have EXTENDED the pumpkin field hours on Thurs-Sunday nights.

You can also purchase specialty items such as:

Sand Art

Create your own custom sand art.
Open on selected weekend dates in October.